Divine Joy Theatre


A love story of sorts, a comedy of sorts


“Divine Joy Theatre” is an international group of consciousness pioneers, passionate explorers of new energy creativity, manifesting magic of joy, depth and beauty of human experience through sensuality of the theater art.


Written by Romana Ercegović and Kim Seppälä

Directed by Romana Ercegović

Dramatis Personae:

Queen:  Kim Seppälä

King: Iiro Riihimäki

Fairy Seraphina: Anne Maribo Andersen

Fairy Florence: Romana Ercegović

Master Kuthumi: Finn Andersen

Master K.: Jascha Beck
Margarita: Isabel Gonzalez

Music and songs by: Finn Andersen and Romana Ercegović
Costume designer of Florence by: Simona Čudovan
Photography and design by: Isabel Gonzalez

Premiere: June 3rd, 2017, Saturday 8 p.m., Grünwald (Munich), Germany – Bürgerhaus Römerschanz

Link to the webside: https://divinejoytheatre.com/







“I just watched the video of your play, it was fabulous!! I laughed out loud many times, you all did a great job!  It was all so much fun to watch.  Great job, and kudos to all participants!” Jean Tinder
“With great appreciation for the wwwowww Shaumbra theater. The play was one of the best reminders for me of why we are here.” Anca Apostol
“What a gorgeous and clever play ! The dialogues are so funny and with excellent humor in new energy!” Maria Grigoraki
It’s a delicious firework of comedy. I think you’d need to see it at least twice to get all the punch lines as there are so many. Its totally great !!! Humor connects you with your soul !!
Maria Plutzar
You can find the trailer and the full video on the website: https://divinejoytheatre.com/